Final Times Tournament of Champions


G/H bracket   U10 Coed 1:00pm field 1 CYSO vs TVSA#1

I/J bracket     U12 Coed 1:15p field 5 RYSL vs PDYSL

K/L bracket   U14 Coed. 1:15pm field 6 CYSO vs ESC#1

C/D bracket   U12 Girls  2:30pm field 3 HDYSL vs YVYSO

E/Fbracket.    U14 Girls 2:30pm field 6 HDYSL vs VYSL


Tournament of Champions-Coed Wildcards

Congratulations to the following teams

U10 Coed

F1 RYSL CU 10 Team #2-Wildcard 1

D1 GTCSC League 510-01-B10-Wildcard 2

U12 Coed

I4 Empire Soccer BU12-Wildcard 1

G4 TVSA All Stars B12-Wildcard 2

H2 VYSL-Allstars-U12 Coed-Wildcard 3

J3 HDYSL U12-Wills-Wildcard 4

U14 Coed

K3 HDYSL U14-Page-Wildcard 1

L4 UPFC-USAS-B14 Bolton-Wildcard 2

M6 TVSA Allstars B14-Wildcard 3

L2 VYSL-Allstars-U14 Coed-Wildcard 4


Tournament of Champions- Girls Wildcards

Congratulations to the following teams

Under 10 Girls

C3 VYSL-Wildcard 1

D3 Empire Soccer #1-Wilcard 2

Under 12 Girls

H3 TVSA Allstars #1-Wildcard 1

G1 Yucaipa Allstars-Wildcard 2

J1 Upfc-Uasa Romero-Wildcard 3

J2 RYSL-Wildcard 4

Under 14 Girls

L4 TVSA Allstars-Wildcard 1

K6 RYSL-Wildcard 2

K3 Morongo Basin-Wildcard 3

K2 League 510-01-Wildcard 4



Come rain, sun, sleet or snow the game must go on. Soccer is an all weather sport and unless play becomes dangerous as determined by tournament staff or we lose access to the fields, games will proceed as scheduled. Continue to check back for any updates.

There will be no RV Parking within the soccer complex parking lot.