Host League Requirements

Host League Requirements

No generators within 100 yards of fields, District 5 set up, or field marshals.

All fields must post a NO DOGS sign.

Must supply District staff with field locations. If there are recommended hotels and local restaurants, please provide that as well.

All fields must be lined each week and equipped per District 5 guidelines.

If there are no restrooms, a minimum of 2 port-a-potties must be supplied per venue and cleaned weekly.

There must be enough trashcans per to accommodate all fields.

There must be adequate field marshals for each venue.

If there are multiple venues you must supply a tournament runner.

There must be a floater referee crew with transportation.

Bottled water must be supplied for the referees at all venues.

First Aid kit for each venue.

League must provide league members to help with the tournament check-ins.

There must be a field marshal meeting Friday night prior to first week of play.